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Quality Milwaukee roofing, in a variety of options.

J&B Construction is an expert roofing company that installs, replaces, and maintains all types of roofs. In addition to installing asphalt roofs, J&B staff is skilled at working with cedar shake, tile, custom copper work, and built-in gutter systems. We also custom fabricate all sheet metal to specific dimensions and roof designs.

J&B is expert in repairing and installing all types of roofs, including wood, tile, asphalt, and sheet metal. However, asphalt shingles are by far the most popular and cost-effective material for today’s roofs. They come in several different styles and colors, with manufacturers’ warranties ranging from 25 to 50 years, and some products offer a lifetime warranty.

J&B buys quality materials from manufacturers whose products and warranties have proven to be dependable. For more information on roofing materials and installation, please go to

What Our Customers Say

This is what J&B Construction customers that completed a roofing project using GAF materials had to say about their experience:

“They are very competent and professional. They stand by their word and perform very well.”

Judy S., Rubicon

“Everything went very well, from my first call to the company to get an estimate all the way through project completion. They are very respected in the industry, professional, and care about their customers’ homes.”

Deanna and Andrew B., Menomonee Falls

“The length of time they have been in business shows they’re doing things right. They did a good job and the price was fair.”

Patricia J., Mequon

“J&B Construction puts quality above speed. They met my expectations.”

Andy J., Germantown

“The staff that worked on our job all know what they are doing.”

Diane and Ronald B., Muskego

“I would recommend this company because they did what they said they would do, in the way and time they said.”

Michele and Daryl S., Brookfield

“They did an exceptional job of installation. The workers went beyond the basics to ensure satisfaction. Plus, they offer a 20-year warranty.”

Delores and Florian J., New Berlin

 “I would not change a thing about this company. I believe they did a great job and installed a great product.”

Penny and Joseph R., Racine

Roofing Options


Asphalt RoofingAsphalt shingles from GAF, made with a fiberglass or cellulose core mat, are the most commonly used type, found on almost four out of five homes. The low cost and lightweight of this material make it a popular choice. A wide array of colors and textures is available, some of which resemble the thicker natural materials. Maintenance costs are minimal, and service life may range from 15 to 50 years, depending on the quality of the product selected.

Wood: Cedar Shingles and Shakes

Milwaukee Wisconsin Roofing

Cedar shingles (which are sawed) and cedar shakes (which are hand split) are popular wood coverings. Their rich brown color changes to gray within a year. Cedar shingles have twice the insulating value of standard asphalt shingles, and five times that of slate. Unless specially treated when manufactured, wood shingles require treatment with a preservative seven to 10 years after installation. The life of a wood roof can vary greatly, depending upon shingle thickness, climate, care, and preservative treatment. J&B offers a maintenance program, which greatly extends the life of cedar roofs.

Tile: Slate and Clay

Slate RoofSlate and clay tile commonly protects structures for many decades. In the case of slate, well over 100 years is common. Tile is three times heavier per square foot than asphalt, and the brittle nature of slate and clay makes them prone to breakage under certain conditions. Clay tile is moderately expensive, but slate is the most costly roof covering of all.

Another option is concrete tile, which can be made to order in various colors and textures. The initial cost is higher than cedar shakes or asphalt, but the tiles are durable and last at least 50 years. In addition, the colors last indefinitely and little maintenance is required. Recently, new lightweight composite tiles have been introduced as an option to the heavier clay and concrete varieties. These attractive tiles are available in several colors, are easy to install, and have a 50-year lifetime warranty.


Metal RoofA roofing material that is gaining in popularity, metal roofs survive some of the harshest weather conditions experienced, as the interlocking panels won’t crack, break, warp, curl, or split. With J&B using products from Decra, the roofs are warranted for winds of up to 120 mph and against hail penetration. Available in tile, shake, and shingle, this durable, long-lasting recyclable product equates to less future raw materials being used to make new products. In addition, installation over existing roofing materials is possible, diverting old materials from landfills, plus a metal roof can also reduce energy consumption and save on heating and cooling expenses.


Polymer Roof ShinglesPolymer roofing materials, another composite product that can have the look of slate or cedar, are virtually maintenance-free, as they resist expansion, retraction and will not split, crack or rot under extreme weather conditions. Easy to install, overlapping is not necessary, as the panels are designed with an interlocking system. Available in a wide variety of colors, polymer products typically have a 50-year warranty.

Flat Roofs and Coatings

Flat Roof and CoatingsJ&B Construction installers have the expertise to install roofing products for flat roofs, installing materials that provide protection from water intrusion. Flat roof installation is typically found on porches, balconies, garages, and over shed dormers.

J&B can also apply a coating, a liquid applied membrane, to address roof issues where a portion of the roof is experiencing a problem, resurfacing the current roofing materials to restore the roof to a serviceable condition.

Copper Roofs

Copper RoofsInstallation of copper roofing materials melds practicality and appearance. Use of copper is perfect for a portion of a roof where details and/or accents are required, such as over a bay window.

Copper roofs are typically the longest lasting, with soldering done to keep materials in place, making it virtually indestructible. The lightweight material also puts a lot less weight on the home’s structure.

Copper is the only roofing material that actually improves with age. This “aging” or patina process, not only enhances in appearance, it also protects the metal from further oxidation. A fit not only for historic homes, copper roofing also accentuates the modern look and feel of any contemporary architectural design.

Copper will never rust and corrode, will not require any additional coating and re-painting, and it will withstand even the most severe weather conditions year after year.

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal RoofJust about every type of roof requires some sheet metal work to provide needed protection in valleys, around vents and chimneys, and in edge details. J&B has the capacity for custom-fabricating all types of sheet metal, including steel, painted steel, copper, and others. In-house sheet metal fabrication gives J&B the capability to deliver the best product for your home to insure proper fit and performance.