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Adding a deck not only serves as an extra space for relaxation and entertaining, but it’s also a decision that will positively impact the value of your home. Plus, decks are highly customizable. “Whether you choose a natural wood deck or a low-maintenance composite deck, you can pick from a variety of styles based on the contours of your land and your desires,” said Scott Cline, owner of J&B Construction. The following are six reasons many homeowners choose to install decks.

As an ideal outdoor space for entertaining guests, a deck is a perfect area to host a family dinner, a neighborhood gathering, or a barbecue. “When the weather is nice, a deck gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine in a living room type setting. Plus, deck furniture is a bit more comfortable than lawn chairs,” Scott said.

Decks are a sought-after feature for potential homebuyers. “Homebuyers want to see a family-oriented outdoor space, because this can help them picture themselves living in and using that space,” he said. “So, adding a deck to your home can increase its value and desirability when it’s time for you to sell.”

You can also create aesthetic appeal with the deck’s design. “With the vast number of design options available, you can create a look that seamlessly aligns with your style and personality,” Scott said. Another option involves designing the deck to enhance the existing qualities of your home. For instance, draw inspiration from what’s already there by building a deck that complements the home’s existing shape, or stain the deck the same color as the shutters. Additionally, you can decorate your deck for the season by adding lights, garlands, and more.

If you’re looking to add space to your home, a deck addition is one of the quickest ways to do so. While home additions can take months to complete and can be intrusive to your lifestyle, deck construction is much less invasive and confines all of the mess outside.

Adding a deck creates additional usable space for your family. “It gives you a defined area for a grill, furniture, potted plants, and so many other things, which means more free space in your yard,” he said. “For even more yard space, utilize your deck for storage by simply placing items underneath it.”

Finally, the cost of a deck is typically less expensive compared to other home renovations. “This is a great benefit for homeowners who are budget-conscious, but still want to add value to their home. Of course, the price of the deck will be dependent upon its size, the outdoor deck materials chosen, and other factors,” explained Scott. “As long as your deck is made with high quality, durable materials, it will last for many years and provide enjoyment as a return on your investment.”

Decks add dimension to a yard and transform the way it is used, an investment that will increase the value of a home and improve quality of life. “The right deck for your home is out there – you simply need to decide on your desired style and find a trustworthy contractor,” he said.