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“Not only does engineered wood siding mimic the look and texture of wood, but its remarkable strength also provides homeowners with extraordinary protection from all weather conditions,” said Wendy Cline, owner of J&B Construction. “Additionally, many engineered siding products undergo the SmartGuard® process, which increases durability and acts as a shield against fungal decay and termites.”

Whether the forecast calls for hot or cold temperatures, ice, sleet, snow showers, or thunderstorms, engineered wood siding is designed to safeguard your home from the elements, without warping or deteriorating. Powerful enough to endure wind speeds ranging from 100 to 150 mph, engineered wood siding’s makeup consists of wood strands and/or wood fibers, plus strong exterior resins, which make powerful bonds that are capable of tolerating severe weather. Additionally, engineered wood has superior impact resistance compared to other siding products,” Wendy said. “These added features help prevent unnecessary siding repairs and limit maintenance to the occasional cleaning, which subsequently save homeowners time and money.”

When you consider its inviting appeal, traditional shaded lines, and cedar-grain surface, engineered wood helps accomplish the personalized look homeowners admire. To fully achieve this individualized look, homeowners can choose from an array of options, everything from a smooth to a deeply grained cedar texture. Homeowners can also feel confident in their distinct selection, knowing engineered wood is less expensive compared to natural wood.

“Since engineered wood is often times made from recycled wood and wood waste, it is considered an environmentally friendly building material,” she said. “Not to mention, engineered wood cuts and works almost identical to normal wood and can be installed without specialized tools. Plus, engineered wood is considerably lightweight compared to other materials, making it a breeze to carry.”

If looking a siding option that has the visual appearance of wood and the advanced durability to ride out the toughest storms, engineered wood siding should be at the top of the list. “It will enhance your home’s presence, while eliminating the need for regular maintenance, so your home can continue to look its best with minimal effort. Furthermore, choosing engineered wood is an option that is both economical and green,” Wendy said.