Be on Your Exterior’s Side with the Right Surface Material

Jan 03, 2024

Some believe what matters most is on the inside, but when it comes to houses, the exterior is just as important. Nothing quite impacts both the interior and exterior of a house than its siding, which helps determines the curb appeal of the home while protecting it from the outside elements.

“These days, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to their home’s siding,” said Wendy Cline, co-owner of J & B Construction. “Siding continues to get more attractive, durable, and energy efficient, so it’s almost impossible to make a bad choice between vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, and LP Smartside.”

Whether you need to replace your siding or must choose siding for a new build, it’s important to make the choice that’s right for you. The following are some factors to consider.


If durability is important to you, fiber cement siding is your best bet. It is the strongest option of the three materials, and does not attract insects, rot, or fire. Because fiber cement is also water resistant, it holds up against unpleasant Midwest weather, as well as mold and mildew.

LP Smartside is made of engineered wood but is more durable than regular wood. It is also water resistant and less prone to rotting and mold. One consideration regarding LP Smartside is if you live in an area with termites. Because LP Smartside has similar properties to wood, they are attracted to it, and the damage can be costly.

While vinyl siding is made of durable plastic, it is typically the least durable of the three options. It is resistant to rot and insects, but with changing temperatures, the planks can expand or contract. “The changing temperatures can cause the planks to split or break,” said Wendy.


“All three options are very low maintenance,” Wendy said. “Vinyl and LP Smartside are both options that look beautiful for decades without repainting or staining the siding. Vinyl siding is also a breeze to clean, as dirt, dust, and other debris slide off easily when sprayed down with a garden hose.”


You also can’t go wrong when it comes to the look of the three options. If you’re into colorful siding, vinyl is for you. It comes in many colors and textures, as well as vertical and horizontal planks to make it unique to your home.

With fiber cement siding, you also have a choice of vertical or horizontal planks, and they look great with a woodgrain or smooth pattern. “LP Smartside comes in different styles as well, but I have to say it has the look and feel of real wood that vinyl or fiber cement just can’t quite match,” Wendy said.


Eco-consciousness is trendy right now, and the three materials have different friendships with our planet. “All three materials can save you money on your energy bills,” said Wendy. “Fiber cement siding has the highest insulation, with LP Smartside closely behind. Vinyl can be purchased with insulation, so it can help regulate the temperature inside of your home more directly.”


“Vinyl is our most popular and the least expensive option,” Wendy said. Vinyl siding is $7.50-$9.50 per square foot, whereas LP Smartside is between $9.50-$14 per square foot, while fiber cement siding ranges from $11-$14 per square foot.

With more than 65 years of experience, J & B Construction’s staff is the most experienced siding team in southeastern Wisconsin. To find out more about our vinyl, fiber cement, and LP Smartside siding, contact us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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 The only complaint I have is when I have J&B do my roof in another 30 years or so, is Dave their sales man (a great guy) would not guaranty I could get the same great crew I had this time. They did a fantastic job. Much better than the last roofing company did. A nice bunch of guys. Did a very nice job cleaning up. I'd give them 10 stars but 5 is the limit. If you need a roof done this is the company you want to do it. One more point I need to make. The guys that did the chimney flashing are artists. I went up on the roof when they were done and was very pleased with not only the roofing job but the sculptured sheet metal work. It's kind of a shame it's on the roof and not hanging on the family room wall :). You get the point. Hire em. You'll like em. 
 We live in a historic designated neighborhood and recently had our 30 year wood shingle roof replaced with another wood roof and new gutters. From Day 1 of the project to the final day, the entire team was responsive, professional, and very competent. When some minor changes were proposed by us they quickly and effortlessly complied. After going through this experience with J&B, I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a roof and gutter replacement, whether it be a simple or complicated project. 
 J & B did an amazing job from start to finish. The initial meeting at my home took place exactly at the time that was agreed upon and Scott was thorough in his explanations and transparent about costs. When the time came to begin the project, the team that showed up was friendly, professional and timely in getting the project done. The cleanup afterward was such that it looked like they hadn't been there at all. The roof looks great, there were no surprises and Scott came by to inspect the work and explain the warranty upon job completion. I would highly recommend them. 
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