Popular Color Options for Siding

Aug 17, 2021


The look of siding has changed over the years, and basic white, while still popular, is one of many options that remain available. As siding color choices have increased, homeowners have been presented with verifying possibilities on the direction they can go. Wendy Cline, J&B Construction co-owner, shares insight on siding colors that work well with different home styles, offering suggestions on how to make a home stand out.

Warm Colors Rooted in Nature

“If you consider yourself the conventional type and your home falls under the category of traditional architectural style, then you’re likely to gravitate towards the warmer tones on the color spectrum, including beiges, browns, and tans,” Wendy said. “Additionally, gray and white can also function as warm colors, depending on the shade.” Selecting inviting, natural, earthy tones for a home’s exterior will ensure the home harmonizes well with its own landscaping and surrounding homes.

A Basic Neutral Color Scheme

A deep shade of gray paired with white trim is a color scheme that continues to gain more and more traction in the siding world. “This simple, yet elegant combination of basic neutral colors works well on all types of homes in different geographical regions, but is most common on newer, more contemporary homes,” Wendy said. “Moreover, a freshly coated gray and white home typically equates to higher home resale value. Not to mention, it’s a color scheme that you won’t have to worry about turning into a fad anytime soon.”

Daring Red

Red is a unique color in the sense many people have strong feelings towards it one way or another due to its vibrancy and boldness. In other words, it’s a color that draws a lot of attention, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “For instance, if your home is modern and you live in a neighborhood that embraces bold color trends and unique architectural designs, then red siding is encouraged,” she said. “However, if your neighborhood favors traditional style and subtlety over audacity, then red is typically not recommended.” The most effective course of action is to closely examine the specific designs and color schemes of the neighborhood to get an overall look and feel of the surrounding homes and make a more informed decision.



Assorted Blues

Blues of varying shades have become increasingly trendy for home exteriors in recent years. The difficulty when selecting the right shade of blue for a home is understanding that certain blues, particularly those that are unique or on the extreme ends of the color spectrum, may compliment a home well at a given time, but tend to go out of style quickly. “In order to avoid this scenario, it’s advised to select a more neutral shade of blue; in other words, one that’s closer to the center of the color spectrum,” Wendy said. “Opting for a calmer, soothing blue, will help create a more serene outdoor atmosphere as well as likely yield a higher resale value.”

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